Productivity Tools

Whatever else we have to do, we have to get things done. Fortunately there are plenty of apps which help make life just that little bit easier.



You can turn your tablet into a  white board - either by Airplay or by  cable. It's a simple tool - you can record your screen and save it, choose backgrounds, import images and so on. Doceri has its own website which is available at


If you want to view the video on YouTube it's available at 

If you want to download Doceri it's available at


Unfortunately there isn't an Android based version available, but similar tools are listed at 

If you have a Windows based tablet you can get it at 



There are times when you want to brainstorm some ideas. This is where Popplet comes in handy. Although it's centred on children and education, there's no reason why it shouldn't be used by adults in a professional setting. The website is at 


Tempted to view this on YouTube? It's available at 

If you want a copy, it's available at


Android: Popplet isn't available for the Android device, but a list of ten good alternatives is at 



According to the developers, Trello lets you work more effectively and collaboratively. You can quickly and easily organise and prioritise your tasks, share them with team members and so on. It's attractive and easy to use.  It has a website at 


If you want to view the video at YouTube it's available at

If you want to download and use the app it's available at 





If you're looking for a 'get things done' type of tool, then Wunderlust might be just what you're after. You can organise and share your to-do lists, or indeed any lists at all. Wunderlust can remind you of anything, you can share your lists and work collaboratively with friends or colleagues, add notes, notifications and alerts. It's a nice tool that does 'exactly what it says on the tin'.  There is a website that you can take a look at which is 



If you want to watch this at YouTube it's available at 

This has now been closed by Microsoft so is no longer available. I'll keep the video there for a while in case you already have it, but I'll remove it in the future. 

However, there's a useful collection of alternatives at which may be of interest, and I'll do videos on all of them in the future.



Try one of the apps out and create a list of which tools you're going to try next. Share this with a colleague and collaborate on a shared 'to-do' list.